Many of us are continually upgrading our skills and knowledge through experience, as well as continuous training.  Good companies want to make sure they have the right skill sets and competencies internally, and will promote education. 

Have you attended any NERC CIP® or NIST® training? Do you work in the Utilities field?

What were your real thoughts on the training you received?

The Utility industry is spending millions to conform to NERC CIP® Security requirements, including millions to continually remediate previous versions.

What can be done to better operationalize NERC CIP® compliance?

Learning Objectives:
- What is the link between organizational change management, communications and projects
- Determining the need for change management, and the different communications in projects
- Best practices to include change management in projects, as well as communication plans

This presentation will address the issues relating to project management and the use of sound change management practices as an integral part of their project plan.

At JG&G we offer Management Consulting Services, which include expertise in Business Transformation, Business Optimization, Process Re-engineering, Organizational Change Management, and in Portfolio Management.
During good times and chaotic times, organizations need to become proactive by becoming more efficient and cost effective, which engenders the need to streamline business processes. We look at solutions that will work today as well as tomorrow for a long term vision and perspective with positive results.

Our management consulting approach takes into account the “people factor”, and therefore we use best practises in organizational change management with all our assignments.

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Strategic and Long Term visionary Transformations – Where we work in collaboration with our clients

With our organizational change management expertise, we successfully implement enterprise changes.

Identify the optimal portfolio for your firm and business strategy, minimizing risks and maximising returns.

Consistent and thorough Reporting, Templates and Defined Processes all lead to success, with the added support of ...

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Jennifer Graham, founder of JG&G Consulting, is launching a first book in a series of books on Organizational Change Management.

The first book in the series is entitled "Organizational Change Management - The Key to Successful Projects, The 7 Step Approach" scheduled for launch June 11th, 2016 at the Women in Power event in Toronto.

The book will be available in hard cover and eBook format as well.

Please contact Jennifer Graham at to pre-order this book and receive a 10% discount.

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The Competitive Edge – Give your Resources the Tools and Skills to Succeed and Excel!
Our specialty being Customized and Tailored on-site courses in ...

Tired of working solo? Want to join a group of highly trained and experienced subject matter experts?
Here’s your chance to become part of an organization...

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We make the effort to test and vet all our products, and only offer the best. We add to the list on an on-going basis and welcome your suggestions. [More]

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